google-site-verification: google8606aa01345a2f5f.html Could your child be the next American Idol? The next American president? Perhaps. - Seputar Harapan Indah

Could your child be the next American Idol? The next American president? Perhaps.

Wadiabala Seputar Harapan Indah... All children are gifted but often times, their talents go unnoticed because of their parents’ or caregivers’ hectic schedule. Sometimes, the child’s talent is recognised but the person who recognises it does too little or too much to nurture it.
There are five basic areas that parents can nuture creative talents in their children :
Family: This is probably the most important area where our children need the most encouragement. As parents we need to communicate the need of encouragement of our children throughout the family, which includes siblings, grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins.

Teachers: Make an effort to spend time and engage with your children’s instructors so in the long term your child not only learns, but is inspired to do so.
Friends: Find ways to create occasions where your child can interact with other children who have the same interest. This will help them build their own community for support as they grow and motivate and encourage other children as well. 
Community: Organise and participate in your community activities where children can showcase their talent and support their community. When the community recogniSes children for their contribution, it builds wonderful morale. 
Mentors: Mentors can be an accomplished person in your area, in the field in which your child is interested, a neighbour or family friend that your children look up to. Try to identify mentors (professional or social) and seek their help to nurture your children’s talent.

Daniel Coyle, author of the bestselling book, The Talent Code, says you can up a child’s chances immensely by understanding one key thing: greatness isn’t born, it’s grown.
By this theory, John Paul’s School put talent of kids as a front liner for supporting kids futures. We aware that talents is one of important aspect for kids to reach their dreams. As a teacher, we want to strengthen their talents. Because IQ is not the only one part to make our kids successful, but also EQ.

Based on this situation, the Open House event of PG,KG, and Primary  on 4-5 October 2013 took “Speak Up Your Mind with Melody” to be our big theme. And some kinds of competitions to enrich this program: Fashion show, Singing, Coloring, matching the pattern, and traditional dance creation. We love to see much talent come up from each contestant.

These event supported by insports, Ron88,, Toyota Auto 2000, Darren Owen Optik, Tiyo-tiyo books, Bank BRI, CMA Mental Arithmetic, Edutraco, We are math, EF harapan indah, Happy Baby Shop, femina magazine, Kimura kitchen, and Taro.

by Frederica - John Paul's School

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